About me

Ash was born and breed in Walcha NSW, she grew up with horses. From the moment she could walk, she became familiar with being on the back of a horse, and the lifelong passion was born. From pony club to campdrafting, challenges, show jumping and eventing to carriage driving with her father.
Ash has lived her life around devoting every spare minute to developing and improving her relationship with horses. Competing in many disciplines Ash has found that her real passion is liberty. Liberty just like any other discipline, although we use zero tack or restraints. It’s about building a connection and making it the horses idea. It’s about the horse having other options but its them who must choose to stay with you to truly perform at liberty.
Ash has been lucky enough to work with some Australia’s best trainers and professionals. From the show jumping ring, working for Katie Laurie, Johnny Fahey, Dan steers and Cody Rawson Harris.
All of this time and experience has helped her hone in on her skills as a horse women.
Ash’s horse passion took her to South Africa where she was breaking and training horses to carriage and the show horses, working with such breed as Hackney, Friesian, American saddle horses. These horses continued to the show ring competing in many different disciplines.
Ash prides herself on making the horse the best she can make them, this might not always be the best the horse can be, always trying to think like a horse. Giving the horse the foundation to take on any discipline.
Ash runs educational liberty clinics, which include taking you through the steps of beginning to teach the basics of Liberty, right through to the more advanced manoeuvres of Spanish walk, rear, piaffe and putting a “Team” together, as well as theory-based seminars and presentations.
Ash prides herself on adapting her program to the horse rather than asking the horse to change to the program. Just like people all horses have different learning styles, why wouldn’t horses? We must change the way we think to understand the way the horse thinks, build their confidence to be willing to try. Try something new to deliver the answer your looking for.
Ash always quotes the wise words of David Attenborough “there is no such thing as a dumb animal, just a dumb person that underestimates them”.
There is no right or wrong way to teach anything, if you are getting the result that you want. With safety and horsemanship being the most important. It all about having ‘your own thoughts, your own way, your own Ethos’. This philosophy is the basis of the whole brand.
Ash wanted to create a brand that was comfortable and looked good, something you want to wear to the stables yet nice enough to wear to pub or any friend gathering. Quality products and affordability is the most important.  

Ash travels with her team and performs & entertains at shows all around the eastern side of the country.
Ash also has experience working horses at liberty on movie sets. Ash recently worked as the horse master on an Australian film, in Victoria. As the horse master on a movie set, Ash's job is to ensure that the horses used in the film are trained, healthy, and ready to perform on camera. What makes her role unique is that she uses her own horses for the job. These horses are not only highly trained and responsive, but they also have a strong bond with Ash, which makes it easier to coordinate their movements and ensure their safety on set.